Microsoft Licensing

Office 365 Enterprise | Which Plan Meets Your Needs?

If you’re already using Microsoft’s services, you know that Microsoft helps you manage your daily tasks and important projects in an organized manner with its easy-to-use applications and services. Office 365 Enterprise is an all-in-one subscription that takes many of the standalone services and combines [...]

Office 365 | Business or Enterprise?

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is an all-in-one package of work-related applications and services. As a cloud-based model, it lets participants use a variety of tools and features to improve their organization’s productivity.  Microsoft 365 has three plans: Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Business, [...]

What is Microsoft Bookings?

We all live hectic professional lives, and finding ways to win back precious time is essential. Booking meetings in the corporate world should be an Olympic sport. Stop wasting precious time communicating back and forth to book meetings! Microsoft Bookings allows you and your customers [...]

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