Managed Services

& Employee Experience Excellence Programs

True digital transformation isn’t a moment in time — it’s ever-changing and evolving.

We provide managed services for the entire Microsoft ecosystem, covering process transformation, security, and modern work demands. Our excellence programs are tailored to your organization’s needs — we see ourselves as an extension of your team on a quest to help you understand and love the technology that will make your organization thrive.

Technical Excellence & Support Programs

Our Technical Excellence program meets your support needs where they’re needed most in a cost-effective way.

For who:

  • Businesses without an internal IT department, security, or backups.
  • Organizations looking to strengthen their current IT provider or department.
  • Teams requiring support with hybrid work and requiring quick, reactive fixes.

Employee Experience Excellence Programs

We tailor our programs to your teams’ unique needs and resources. By pinpointing employee-experience opportunities we architect a strategic technology plan that grows with you.

For who:

  • Rapidly growing organizations quickly losing control of documentation
  • Businesses with siloed processes and lack of internal communications
  • Teams needing guidance with their digital workspace and proactive, ongoing support

Technical Excellence & Support Programs

Technical help and guidance where you need it, when you need it.

Our Technical Excellence program meets your support needs where they’re needed most in a cost-effective way. We offer technical support from planning and custom development to configuration support and training. We keep your IT team up-to-speed on the latest technology, assist your users with on-demand support issues, and ensure your solution is as effective as possible.

Technical support and development

Our technical team is ready to assist and resolve issues on demand. Plus, your team can tap into our Microsoft 365 experts to assist with configuration and development projects as needed keeping your business moving forward, and your team focused on growth.

Endpoint and device management

Nowadays, laptops and mobile devices have become an integral part of the business world. To ensure the safest network and protection of sensitive data, this flexibility cannot be allowed without any organizational security setup. More devices mean a higher chance of sensitive information getting out to an unauthorized person. Securing that data is paramount.

Licensing and training services

Empower your team to work seamlessly with the right tools and a thorough understanding of how to use them. Our team of licensing experts can help you secure the optimal license type for today while adjusting as your organization’s requirements change over time. And our training team can help establish governance and provide in-depth training to unleash the full power of your licensing.

Risk alleviation and identity, security & threat protection

  • Protect your data through security best practices and policies that prevent accidental data leaks, such as Multifactor Authentication
  • Proactively block threats through insights and recommended preventative actions with our up-to-date technology.
  • Ensure only the right users have access without affecting productivity.
  • Backup all data from documents to databases keeping your critical information safe and secure.

Employee Experience Excellence Programs

Realize the potential of a digital workspace that grows with your team.

A group of young dynamic employees, meeting in a public space, showcasing how technical managed services and technical support programs can empower hybrid workforces

At Creospark, we’re committed to empowering organizations to achieve employee-experience excellence today, tomorrow, and beyond. The launch of a new intranet, digital workspace, or Teams initiative is just the beginning of what can be an exciting, enriching, and transformative employee experience.

Build it, and they will come might work in baseball, but it certainly doesn’t apply in the digital world. We not only act as your guardian and stewards in your digital workspace initiates today, but we execute and innovate iteratively, ensuring that your team maximizes their investment and delivers a visionary employee experience tomorrow.

Be Prepared

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our team is always thinking ahead. We prepare your teams for technology changes and work with you to address shifts within your organization or external challenges that the future may hold.

Tap into Intelligence

Your organization is full of critical knowledge. We specialize in helping teams tap into that intelligence quickly and effectively so you can stop wasting valuable time reinventing the wheel. Get to what you know faster.

Constantly Improve by Listening

We’ll guide you in creating a feedback loop to gather valuable feedback from your teams. You can then improve your employee experiences continuously, exactly the way you envisioned.

Empower through Governance & Training

With robust training and clear governance, we empower your team and eliminate bottlenecks. We ensure your team not only knows how to use your digital workspace, but that they also understand what tools to use when, ensuring consistency and eliminating shadow IT threats.

Engage with Compelling Content

An intranet’s success is directly tied to the quality of its content. Curating fresh, captivating, and relevant content is the key to user adoption and ongoing engagement. We provide content curation from strategy, best practices, and training to full-service content creation.

Enable Data-Driven Decisions

We empower you to make data-driven decisions by unlocking key metrics and analytics from the way your work. We turn captured data into insights with processes that maximize data usage across your organization. Take the guesswork out of helping your teams and meet them where the data is.

Validate Your Investment

We’ll provide metrics to prove the ROI of your digital workspace investment. If we can give every employee an extra 5 minutes a day, with an organization of 5,000 users that amounts to 6,500,000 minutes or ~4,513 hours in just one year. We also deliver significant savings in cost and time by replacing costly third-party solutions with tools you’re already paying for with your Microsoft 365 license.

Capitalize on your Microsoft 365 investment

The full Microsoft 365 suite includes over 20 applications, each with inherent value and unique features that integrate and play nicely together. With Microsoft 365 at the backbone of your digital workspace, we’ll integrate and extend your digital tool sets, minimizing the frustrations of context switching and providing a more collaborative and transparent environment.

Streamline Workflows & Increase Productivity

Automating your critical processes allows you to focus on the meaningful tasks that make your organization thrive. With the Microsoft Power Platform as your ally, empower your staff through virtual agents, gain speed with custom app development tailored to your needs, and let AI and Machine Learning handle non-essential tasks.

It’s time to embrace AI

64% of people struggle with having the time and energy to do their job. This doesn’t have to be your reality. Discover how you can level up your productivity with the powers of generative AI in Microsoft Copilot.

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