How to revitalize your organizational culture with technology

When constantly jumping from one project to the next, it’s easy to forget to slow down and appreciate what you and your team have accomplished. A supportive work environment makes all the difference, which is why creating a culture where employee recognition and appreciation are deeply ingrained is a must for any successful organization. Learn how to build a great culture by implementing two recognition processes that leverage your existing communication channels. 

The importance of recognition 

Recognition isn’t just a pat on the back; it’s the secret sauce for a thriving workplace. When employees feel appreciated, they’re more engaged, which means they work harder and stick around longer. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

A study by Gallup shows that recognized employees are not only happier but also more productive and loyal. They’re motivated to give their best, knowing their efforts won’t go unnoticed. This boosts morale and creates a positive ripple effect throughout the organization. Simply put, recognition is more than just a nice gesture—it’s a smart business move.  

Technology drives the majority of employee communication, so it is an obvious tool for creating a positive work environment. Using your existing communication channels, you can easily establish recognition processes that acknowledge your employees’ hard work. 

How to use technology to make a positive impact at work 

With your organization’s existing Microsoft 365 license, you already have all the applications you need to cultivate a culture of appreciation. At Creospark, we created two effective recognition processes — informal and formal— that leverage Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage. Although these processes share a similar purpose, they differ in focus, process, and presentation. As we share our comprehensive guidelines, you can easily implement the same methodology in your organization. 

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Employee Spotlight 

Employee Spotlight shines a light on individual achievements, showcasing team members’ talents and contributions. It’s a formal approach often reserved for company-wide recognition, where individuals are celebrated for exemplifying core values or making significant impacts within the organization. 

This recognition is best given at an all-hands or town hall meeting hosted on Microsoft Teams, where all employees gather to receive company updates from the leadership team. During this meeting, an allotted time will be reserved for the Employee Spotlight, when team leaders will give a shoutout to the selected employees for their accomplishments.  

Criteria for selection 

Employees nominated for the spotlight typically demonstrate outstanding performance, embody organizational values, and contribute positively to the company’s goals and culture. During the meeting, team leaders can refer to which specific value the individual has showcased and provide examples of what was done. 

The nomination process 

Nominations for Employee Spotlight can come from various sources, including HR, managers, or self-nominations. Your HR team can create a submission form to facilitate the selection process. Every month, HR or the leadership team will review the submissions to ensure alignment with the organization’s criteria. 


On the other hand, Praise offers a more informal avenue for recognition. It can be directed toward individuals, teams, or even the entire organization. Praises are spontaneous and flexible, allowing for timely acknowledgment of achievements and behaviors that align with organizational values. 

Criteria for selection 

Praise can be given for various reasons, such as exceptional project performance, teamwork, or embodying company values. The selection criteria are flexible and may vary depending on the context of the recognition. 

The nomination process 

Nomination for Praise is spontaneous and can come from anyone within the organization, including peers, managers, or higher-level executives. Unlike the Employee Spotlight, there is no limit on how many praises should be given monthly. It should occur naturally and can be expressed through verbal recognition in meetings, written messages posted on Microsoft Teams channels, or the use of praise functionality in Viva Engage. To use praise in Viva Engage, go to the appropriate community if your organization has set a specific one for celebrations, hit the “Praise” button and leave your comment. It’s that simple to make someone’s day. 

How to use viva engage praise to revitalize your organizational culture
Using viva engage praise to revitalize your organizational culture

Adaptability and versatility 

While Employee Spotlight and Praise are effective methods, it’s essential to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. Every company has its unique culture and dynamics, so adapting these practices to fit your organization’s ethos is crucial. Moreover, don’t hesitate to explore other creative ways to recognize and appreciate your team members. Whether it’s through personalized gestures or innovative recognition programs, the key is to foster a culture of appreciation that resonates with your employees and drives collective success. 

Improving your workplace culture with technology 

Implementing recognition processes like Employee Spotlight and Praise is crucial for cultivating a positive work environment and driving organizational success. These methods boost employee morale, engagement, and productivity and foster a culture of appreciation and collective accomplishment.  

Adapting these methods to fit your company culture and dynamics is essential, as sincere and authentic recognition is pivotal in building a thriving workplace culture. Acknowledgment goes a long way, and implementing processes that make it easy for your employees to receive positive feedback will pay off substantially in the long run.

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