Our Process

Your organization’s culture is unique; our process ensures your digital workspace is too. “Build it, and they will come” simply doesn’t apply in the digital world. Your investment demands user adoption, and an effective digital workspace must be tailored to your users’ unique needs. Increase ROI with a solution that’s built with the user in mind.





Our process starts with envisioning, which is essential to creating a solid foundation for your solution. We work with you to define your organization’s unique needs by establishing long-term and short-term goals for your project.

We gather and uncover as much information as possible about the desired outcomes by talking to stakeholders, end-users, subject matter experts, and project team members.

Together, we validate the project vision and document business objectives, key results we expect to achieve, and metrics we will track to define success. The most valuable aspect of the Envision Stage is the increased knowledge and understanding on both sides so the solution meets your organization’s goals and the end-users’ needs.


Once we have identified and documented the business and technical outcomes our clients strive toward, we translate those objectives into tangible goals and opportunities. During this stage, we define and assemble the project plan, business/functional requirements, and technical configuration documentation. We begin conceptualizing the information, logical, physical, and security architecture while considering operational and performance requirements, risks, and limitations.

Analysis and design for governance aspects, user experience and training, adoption, and change management analysis also start here. At the end of this phase, we review the project’s scope together and adjust as necessary.


We begin prototyping and creating proof of concepts to bring the plan to life. Early prototyping mitigates risks and issues in advance and provides constant input to evolving requirements within the project’s scope.

In addition to the design, change management, training, and adoption strategies begin.


With a detailed set of requirements mapped to milestones and conceptual design, we begin implementation, testing, and deployment. Our Implementation strategies follow best practices and embrace the platform’s native features. This means you’re investing in a solution that takes advantage of your chosen platform and reduces the risk of unnecessary maintenance down the road. With a milestone-based approach, we divide implementation steps among the set of milestones where we tackle the most complex pieces of the puzzle first. This approach ensures we deliver a solution that’s focused on end-user functionality.

During this stage, rigorous functional tests begin. If the solution requires, we may also conduct collaborative tests like Performance & Load testing to measure how much “stress” or traffic the solution can handle. After our internal Quality Assurance testing is complete, we begin demonstrations and training. Next, we work with your team to perform User Acceptance Testing, allowing you to review the solution to ensure each feature works efficiently and embodies the expected employee experience.

Maintain & Engage

A structured launch and adoption plan with straightforward documentation goes a long way to ensure the successful completion of the project. As we prepare to launch your new solution, we provide detailed guidance for extending, maintaining, and operating the system. This support also includes an adoption and change management engagement to ensure the system’s end-users are properly introduced to the solution and understand how the change impacts them. We offer various forms of training for users who require hands-on support to ramp up and get comfortable with the new system.

The launch of a new intranet, digital workspace, or Teams initiative is just the beginning of what can be an exciting, enriching, and transformative employee experience.

We’re committed to empowering your team to achieve employee experience excellence today, tomorrow, and beyond. Organizations, technology, and the way we work are everchanging, and we’re your trusted partner in the evolution of all three.

Our Excellence programs are designed to help your organization make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment, empowering your team to achieve more and collaborate better, smarter, and faster. We not only act as your guardian and stewards in your digital workspace initiates today, but we execute and innovate iteratively, ensuring that your team maximizes their Microsoft 365 investment and delivers a visionary employee experience tomorrow.

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