PixelMill & Creospark join forces

Microsoft 365 experts with a soft spot for collaboration, transformation, and the employee experience.

In April 2022, PixelMill joined forces with Creospark to offer more: more experts, more offerings, more flexibility, and more opportunities for their clients and team. Here’s a bit about the journey that led us here today.

Geeking out since 1998.

For decades, PixelMill has been at the forefront of Microsoft technologies in pursuit of delivering the ideal digital employee experience.

Founder Eric Overfield shares how it all began…

“It all started in 1998. I started college in ’95, right when the Internet took off, and I instantly wanted to make web pages. So, I started building–as cliche as it sounds–straight out of the college dorm room. Early in ’98, I started realizing the value of Microsoft Frontpage, it was opening up web design to the masses, and there was no design aspect to it. So, I began creating themes and templates. I thought, wow, there should be a marketplace to sell these things. So I built one from scratch to sell themes and templates to the masses. In less than a month of launching the store, I quickly realized there would be many more opportunities beyond just me. So, I quickly opened the store to outside designers and developers to come in and sell the templates collaboratively. SharePoint came around in early 2000, and the template market took off and went in a direction I didn’t want to go into, but it introduced me to SharePoint, which would become PixelMill’s prime technology for years to come.”

The bridge between art & code.

For more than 24 years PixelMill has brought our unique clients’ brands and cultures to the digital world through thoughtful UI/UX. Forging the intranet space with artistic prowess and adept development chops, PixelMill claimed the SharePoint branding space for years. As technology and how we work evolved, PixelMill, too, broadened our expertise, delivering custom digital workspaces to enterprise organizations across the globe.

Sharing is caring.

Giving back has been at the core of PixelMill’s mission. As active members of the Microsoft 365 community, PixelMill team members have shared their expertise at community events across the globe for decades. A firm believer in “sharing is caring’, Eric’s commitment to sharing knowledge with the community established him as a Microsoft MVP & Regional Director and an active member of the PnP Community.

Empowering Collaboration & Communication.

Who we’ve helped along the way…

Since 1998, we’ve delivered holistic and humanized digital workspaces powered by Microsoft 365 to a wide variety of technology sectors, corporate entities, and government agencies, spanning many industry verticals, including Education, Finance, Legal, Healthcare, Energy, Consulting, and eCommerce.

PixelMill’s next chapter…

As the demand and requirements of a digital workspace continue to increase, solutions too much expand, which is why Creospark and PixelMill were thrilled to announce the merger of their services in 2022. Today, PixelMill and Creospark now offer more: more experts, more offerings, more flexibility, and more opportunities for their clients and team.

“Our team’s broad knowledge across platforms, applications, and technologies allows us to deliver truly holistic solutions that address the complex challenges our clients are facing. With more than 150 digital workspaces delivered over the past 22 years, our teams draw from vast knowledge across industries and project types.”

– Eric Overfield, President & Co-Founder of PixelMill

The two team’s diverse skills bring both breadth and depth to their offerings. With PixelMill’s mastery in digital workspace creation and adoption combined with Creospark’s expertise in modern work, automation, and cloud security, they deliver solutions that can transform an entire organization.

PixelMill and Creospark will continue their once-independent journeys together, helping clients of all shapes and sizes achieve digital employee experience excellence with more experts, more offerings, more flexibility, and more opportunities along the way.

To transformation and beyond…

Today we continue our pursuit of the ideal digital employee experience as part of the Creospark brand.

Same team, same care, new name.


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