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What is Responsible AI?

Movies depicting AI as world dominators, like The Terminator, can create an exaggerated view of this technology. Given the buzz around AI and its complexity, it’s natural to be cautious, especially if you’ve ever watched any of the AI fear-mongering movies. Although you don’t have [...]

Microsoft-Managed Conditional Access Policies Will Start Soon

Cyberattacks are probably one of the largest threats your organization faces. More than 2,200 cyberattacks occur each day, costing companies millions of dollars annually.     From account takeovers to phishing attempts, your cyber security should be able to withstand the hostile landscape. With enough on your [...]

Guarding Against Cyber Krampus with Microsoft Security Copilot

In the frosty and treacherous landscape of cyber threats and a global shortage of security experts, safeguarding organizations from cybercrime has never been more challenging. Microsoft is on a mission to arm security teams using generative AI combined with Microsoft threat intelligence and security-specific models, [...]

Data Analytics | Better Understanding Cybersecurity

A few months ago, you were worrying about your home’s security and finally bought one of those front-door cameras that connect to your phone through an app. Typically, you only receive a few notifications a day, usually when you or your family enter or exit [...]

Deconstructing the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

 These days, cybersecurity is an issue on every business’s agenda. The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) solution can set your mind at ease by controlling user access to your technical resources. The base inclusion of Azure AD in Microsoft 365 subscriptions and the pay-as-you-go option [...]

Microsoft 365 Backup | Is Dropsuite Right for You?

Every day you and your co-workers spend hours on end working on Microsoft creating, editing, and using data that your company relies on. Losing this data would be a huge setback for the company and may even damage the company’s reputation if others get access [...]

Microsoft 365 Backup | Is Acronis Right for You?

Have you ever feared losing your data because it wasn’t backed up correctly or felt threatened by the modern day-attackers who seem to get access to whatever data they want? Fear no longer, Acronis has your back! Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud has many features and [...]

Tighten Your Security with Microsoft 365

After a stressful day, Evan, your employee, opens his email inbox.  Another email from work, and so late? Great.  He opens the email, and it's from your IT colleague, asking him to click the link in the email. Something about it looks a bit off... [...]

Secure Your Staff’s Mobile Devices with Microsoft Intune

Nowadays, organization data can be accessed on multiple devices, offering flexibility, comfort, and increased productivity. These benefits also come with risks of exposing sensitive organization data to an unauthorized source. Intune allows users to manage and administer how the data is accessed across various devices [...]

Multifactor Authentication | Everything You Need To Know

Why should we care about cybersecurity? The importance of digital security in organizations cannot be emphasized enough in 2022. In order to stay proactive, today’s companies should take steps to protect their information from data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security threats to their business. [...]

Dataverse | 6 Easy Steps to Enable Column Level Security

Were you ever worried about who has permission to see sensitive information stored within the company's database? Nowadays, a business' data has evolved from being stored in traditional files and cabinets to being fully on the cloud.  With the Implementation of Microsoft Power Platforms including [...]

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