Office 365 Enterprise | Which Plan Meets Your Needs?

If you’re already using Microsoft’s services, you know that Microsoft helps you manage your daily tasks and important projects in an organized manner with its easy-to-use applications and services. Office 365 Enterprise is an all-in-one subscription that takes many of the standalone services and combines them into one package, helping your business excel in productivity.  

Office 365 Enterprise contains three subscription-based plans (E1, E3, and E5), with each subscription catering to your growing or already established enterprise. The E1 plan gives users a basic setup to get their enterprise moving in the right direction, offering features to streamline collaboration. The E3 plan adds additional email and voicemail functionality. Lastly, the E5 plan gives users even more features such as Modern Voice, PTSN Calling and Conferencing, and additional security features that will ensure the safety of your company’s data.  

Features that are included in all plans  

  • Security – Office 365 comes with advanced security measures to ensure your companies data is safe from cyber threats 
  • Privacy – Your emails will not be used by Microsoft in anyway unless it is for security purposes, such as phishing  
  • Admin features – The admin application allows users to configure options to suit your IT needs. 
  • Automatic updates – All updates will be automatically deployed to all users 
  • Support – 24/7 is available to you for any issues you may face 

Features overview for the Office 365 Enterprise plans 


E1  E3  E5 
Business-level email, accessible from a desktop or web browser using Outlook Web App. Attachments up to 150MB, mailbox up to 50GB  


Host online meetings that can be joined by pc/desktop, smartphones, or a tablet.  


Use Skype for Business to hold virtual meetings. 


Users who have Skype or Skype for business will be able to connect with you via calls and messaging 


1TB of cloud storage is available for each user 

Share documents with others 

OneDrive sync with PC/Mac 

Share documents with team members (1TB of storage + 500MB per user)       
With Yammer (Rebranding to Microsoft Viva Engage), you can collaborate with your team and organize projects.       
Group Policy, Shared Computer Activation, and Telemetry for managing apps.  


Voicemail Support, recorded voicemails can be accessed through 

 Outlook or a mobile phone 


eDiscovery Allows for searching across multiple Microsoft platforms for information.        
Your information is protected with special safeguards put in place        
Model your data with Excel and use Power Pivot to analyze. Power BI       
ATP for advanced security       
Power BI Pro       
Install for 5 users on pc, tablets, and mobile       
PTSN Calling and Conferencing       
Modern Voice and Cloud PBX       


Implementing and being able to rely on Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise to enhance connection, collaboration, and productivity is exactly what your company needs. Office 365 Enterprise offers features and tools you need to succeed in a hybrid or remote workplace that you may not have considered needing in person. Using this guide will help you make the right decision for you and your organization. Once you’ve decided which license is right for your team, learn more about how to enhance the employee experience and the ever-changing work standards by checking out our business transformation eBook.  

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