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At Creospark, we help our clients embrace the technology with the way each employee connects, collaborates and communicates. We provide a range variety of offerings that will help empower your employees to drive productivity and satisfaction, resulting in company growth and positive outcomes.
At Creospark, it’s about more than just implementing technological solutions. We give you the tools that add the most value to your business – lower costs, increased productivity, and automated processes.

Whether it is collaboration, content management, migration, DevOps, or integration, our clients can take advantage of our experience in Cloud Services including Office 365, Azure, or Enterprise Mobility. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements to drive better user adoption and help you reach your cloud objectives.

With an over 50 years of combined experience in SharePoint, the sky is the limit for our clients. Our user experience team will help implement world-class cloud integrated system, connecting your SharePoint portals and collaborative workplaces with intelligent tools to provide a unique experience for the end user.

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Salesforce

Our goal is to transform your workplace into an enthusiastic environment for your people to work better, faster, and smarter  


Who We Are

Creospark was established from a dream to create a different company – to deliver quickly and effectively, to facilitate the right change, to support people and to give back. Creospark focuses on Enterprise integration with many technologies including Azure, Office365, SharePoint with your Enterprise IaaS, PaaS, SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, OneDrive, SAP, IBM, DropBox, and many others.

At Creospark, our vision is to be the leader in integration with Office 365.  We believe that in the ever-changing digital environment, it is extremely important to harness the power of the cloud.  Our 3 core values are simple :

  1. Supporting our customers & partners – At the core of our work, we always keep our customers’ and partners’ best interests at heart.
  2. Being a people-based organization – We pride ourselves on hiring not only technically smart individuals, but those who care about people.
  3. Giving back to the community – Giving back is ingrained in us. Supporting technical communities is a part of our culture, whether it is answering technical questions, speaking on technical topics or writing solutions for the community, we believe that helping others is key to everyone’s success.

Enterprise Integration

The best CTOs & Enterprise Architects at growing and aspiring organizations know that tying yourself to one technology platform, whether it be on premise, or in the cloud, is probably going to result in upgrade and re-platforming issues at some point in the future.

Creospark feels that the future state of technology likely involves a mish-mash of modern on premise and cloud technologies.  This is to ensure your organization solves their immediate business needs using the best of breed technology that is available at that time.

In Creospark’s service offerings, we leverage embedded integration technologies within the Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint stack to connect and integrate to other mainstream services such as Salesforce.

Common use cases for our customers include:

  1. The synchronization and storage of metadata and documents across these technologies, i.e. automated processes to allow the storage of your Salesforce Account & Opportunity attachments in your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online sites.
  2. Kicking off automated business processes based on changing metadata in one technology within the other; i.e. invoking Office 365 SharePoint online workflows based on Salesforce Account & Opportunity objects that have been created or modified.
  3. Migrating your documents, content, automated business processes and metadata across your on-premises and new cloud based SaaS and PaaS systems.

Creospark understands that each technology may have their own strengths and weaknesses, and hence, we want to support your business problems being solved using the best and the most latest technology for the job.

Connect with us now to see how we can help solve your Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 integration needs.

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