Office 365 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Which Plan Is Right for You?

Microsoft is a leading name when deciding on cloud productivity suites. However, if you’ve tried to take a look at their plans and licenses, there’s a good chance you might get confused. Microsoft 365 Enterprise, E3, E5, Standard, Business, Premium … It can all sound very similar.  

Microsoft Enterprise plans offer the best value to larger organizations (over 500 users or devices), that require licenses under one agreement. They currently offer two main products to answer this need: Office 365 (O365) and Microsoft 365 (M365).   

We know how tedious it can be to choose between two similar plans, so we’ll break the differences down to help you select the best plan for your business.   

Office 365 Enterprise – whats included? 

Office 365 Enterprises popularity is undeniable, and its recognized as one of the most used suites of productivity apps. Between M365 and 0365, Office 365 Enterprise provides the most essential applications for your enterprise. This subscription (E1, E3 or E5) includes applications you most likely already know, including OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, Planner, and To-do. The subscription to Office 365 Enterprise also provides email services, such as Exchange and Outlook. You can stay organized with business-class email, calendaring, and contacts all in one place. 

Office 365 Enterprise can also include Microsoft Teams and everything you love about it: meetings, chat, file storage and one-on-one calling. Beyond that, Office 365 provides social and intranet through SharePoint and Yammer. With these 2 apps, you can access your organization’s files from any device, anytime, anywhere.  

Additionally, Office 365 Enterprise includes apps from the Microsoft Power Platform, such as: 

Lastly, Office 365 Enterprise higher plans enable some security features, such as compliance management. This tool lets you assess compliance risks, protect sensitive data, and respond to regulatory requirements.   

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Although Office 365 Enterprise provides access to several essential applications, the suite doesn’t offer advanced features. For instance, there are limited device/app management options, and a lack of identity and access management in the suite would limit users’ flexibility and control. Other security limitations can frustrate some CSOs, as Office 365 Enterprise lacks Windows Information Protection, Bit locker and security manager 

Overall, Office 365 Enterprise excels at providing the most essential applications for your organizations to create efficient workflows and power productive, engaged teams. Office 365 Enterprise has tremendous value for smaller enterprises ready for a jump to cloud productivity. It’s also great for organizations that want less control over their cyber security and have a smaller budget. 

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Microsoft 365 Enterprise – whats included? 

Compared to Office 365 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is geared towards larger organizations that want a single, secure platform to share and collaborate. Its different plans are more complex but more flexible.  

Although Office 365 Enterprise provides features that every enterprise-level organization needs, Microsoft 365 Enterprise can provide those same features with added benefits, such as strong data security features and better services to take your business further.  

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers everything that Office 365 includes, such as Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, and Access) and essential email and calendaring services such as Exchange and Outlook. Microsoft Teams is of course included for efficient meetings and voice calling. An added feature of Microsoft 365 Enterprise is Windows 11 Pro for Enterprise, which allows users to be more productive wherever they are while ensuring the security of corporate data. This account type also includes the Windows Autopilot, which works to fine-tune user experiences and Universal Print. 

A significant upgrade included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes advanced security for corporate data. Microsoft 365 Enterprise comes with more features for identity and access as compared to Office 365. It includes security features like Windows Hello and Credential guard. Just to give you an idea about Windows Hello, if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you might have seen the option to log in using a pin or your face instead of using a password. Microsoft 365 enterprise also comes with features to provide threat protection; this includes Detection and investigation of advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious actions across your on-premises and cloud environments. It uses Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Application Guard to make sure your devices and environment are protected from unwanted threats. 

Another aspect that makes Microsoft 365 Enterprise stand out is its security management features: Microsoft Secure Score and Microsoft Security and Compliance Center. It allows one to gain visibility into the cloud apps and services, build insights with sophisticated analytics, and control how your organization’s data travels so you can respond to and combat cyber threats. 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise also helps protect your sensitive data with Windows Information Protection and Bit Locker, which is not included in Office 365 Enterprise. They also provide the upgraded Azure Information Protection Premium Plan 1.

So, whats the best plan for your enterprise? 

Overall, Microsoft 365 Enterprise has added layers of data protection, security, and device management features like Intune, giving administrators a lot more control over devices and how data is accessed. This makes Microsoft 365 Enterprise more robust for enterprises with services that can uphold over 500 users and devices. Although Microsoft 365 is almost double the price of Office 365 Enterprise, the added security and ability to securely access corporate information from wherever they are is a great benefit.  

For smaller businesses, the lower price point of Office 365 still harbors excellent value for the average user. Their services still allow the potential for the great success of your enterprise at a more budget-friendly cost per user per year. For more details about Office 365 and Microsoft 365 models, check out this article from Microsoft. 

In simple words, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a combination of all features of Office 365 Enterprise, plus a variety of apps and add-ons for security, compliance, and device management features. 

For example, if your organization has frontline workers, then Microsoft 365 F series plans will best suit your requirements. These plans include features for kiosks and shared devices and an online version of the Office apps. 

If you are a small business and your primary requirement is regulating app usage, your best bet would be to get an Office 365 Enterprise subscription. This requirement does not need high security and information protection. 

If you have a medium or large business and want more security features, your best bet would be to go for Microsoft 365 Enterprise E series subscriptions. These additional features can include compliance, Windows information protection, Bit Locker, Defender, and conditional access. For example, suppose you want to protect your data from being accessed from specific locations. In that case, you can have security features to block access. You could also choose to secure your devices with device encryption (Bit Locker) to protect your corporate devices’ data in all circumstances. 

The following additional capabilities of Microsoft 365 Enterprise make it a better choice than Office 365 Enterprise for protecting your employees, organization data, and customer information. 

  • Advanced Threat Protection with Advanced Threat Analytics, Microsoft 365 Defender.
  • Information Protection with Azure Information Protection Premium P1 and P2.
  • Advanced Device Management with Microsoft Intune, Microsoft 365 Endpoint Configuration Manager, and Windows 11 for Enterprise.

Despite choosing Microsoft 365 Enterprise or Office 365 Enterprise, both services are excellent enterprise options to support your business growth and workflow. 

 If you would like more details on which license will include what features, check out this comparison chart below: 

 Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365 Comparison Chart

  Microsoft 365  Office 365 
E3  E5  E5 Security 

(Requires M365 E3 (or O365 E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E3)) 

E1  E3  E5 
US$36 per user monthly  US$57 per user monthly  US$12 per user monthly  US$10 per user monthly  US$23 per user monthly  US$38 per user monthly 
Microsoft 365 Apps   
Desktop client apps             
Office Mobile apps             
Install apps on up to 5 PCs/Mac + 5 tablets + 5 smartphones             
Office for the web             
Visio for the web             
Microsoft Editor premium features             
Multilingual user interface for Office apps             
Email, calendar, and scheduling   
Exchange Kiosk (2GB mailbox)             
Exchange Plan 1 (50GB mailbox)             
Exchange Plan 2 (100GB mailbox)           










Outlook desktop client           




Auto-expanding email archive           




Exchange Online Protection         






Public folder mailboxes         






Resource mailboxes         






Inactive mailboxes           




Microsoft Shifts         






Microsoft Bookings         






Meetings, calling, and chat   
Microsoft Teams   










Unlimited chat   










Online meetings   










Live Events   


















Screen sharing and custom backgrounds   










Record meetings   










Priority notifications   










Teams Phone     




Audio Conferencing   










Social, intranet, and storage   
SharePoint Kiosk (2GB OneDrive storage) 


SharePoint Plan 1 (1 TB OneDrive storage) 


SharePoint Plan 2 (unlimited OneDrive storage) 


Yammer Enterprise


Microsoft Viva Connections 


Content services   
Microsoft Graph API     








Microsoft Search   










Microsoft Stream   










Microsoft Forms   










Microsoft Lists   




















Expertise identification   








Create document understanding or form processing models     








Access content centers   










View metadata extracted by document understanding or form processing models   










Insights and analytics   
Productivity Score   










Secure Score   










Compliance Management   










Viva Insights – Personal insights   










Power BI Pro 






Project and task management   
Microsoft Planner   










Microsoft To-Do   










Briefing Email   










Automation, app building, and chatbots   
Power Apps   










Power Automate 












Power Virtual Agent 












Dataverse for Teams 












Viva Learning   
Viva Learning in Teams   










Create learning tabs in Teams channels 












Search, share and chat about learning content 












Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training libraries + 125 top LinkedIn Learning courses   










Organization-generated content with SharePoint and Viva Learning 












Information governance   
Manual retention labels 












Basic org-wide or location-wide retention policies 










Rules-based automatic retention policies 






Machine Learning-based retention 




Teams message retention policies 












Records Management     




Information protection 


Azure Information Protection Plan 1 




Azure Information Protection Plan 2 




Manual, default, and mandatory sensitivity labelling in Office 365 










Automatic sensitivity labelling in Office 365 apps 






Manual labelling with the AIP app and plugin 






Automatic labelling in the AIP plugin 




Automatic sensitivity labels in Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive     




Sensitivity labels based on Machine Learning/Trainable classifiers     


Sensitivity labelling for containers in Office 365   








O365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for emails & files   








DLP for Teams chat     




Endpoint DLP     




Basic Office Message Encryption   








Advanced Office Message Encryption     




Customer Key     




Threat Protection   
Microsoft Defender Antimalware   




Microsoft Defender Firewall   




Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard   




Microsoft Defender Credential Guard   




BitLocker and BitLocker To Go   




Windows Information Protection   




Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1   




Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2     




Microsoft Defender for Identity     




Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2     






Application Guard for Office 365     




Safe Documents     




Cloud access security broker   
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps     




Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Discovery   




Office 365 Cloud App Security             


Identity and access management   
Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1   


Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2     




User Provisioning   












Self Service Password Reset   












Advanced Security Reports   






Multi-Factor Authentication   












Conditional Access   






Risk-Based Conditional Access/ Identity Protection     




Privileged Identity Management     




Access Reviews     




Entitlement Management     




Microsoft 365 Groups   








On-premises Active Directory sync for SSO   










DirectAccess supported   




Windows Hello for Business     


Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics   




Windows Store Access Management 






Endpoint and app management   
Microsoft Intune   




Mobile Device Management   










Microsoft Endpoint Manager   




Mobile application management   




Windows AutoPilot   




Group Policy Support   








Office cloud policy support   










Shared computer activation for M365 Apps   








Endpoint Analytics   




Cortana management   




eDiscovery and auditing             
Content Search   










Core eDiscovery (including Hold and Export)   








Litigation Hold   








Advanced eDiscovery     




Basic Audit   










Advanced Audit     




Insider risk management   
Insider Risk Management     


Communication Compliance     




Information Barriers 






Customer Lockbox 






Privileged Access Management 






Windows 11 Edition  Enterprise  Enterprise         
Azure Virtual Desktop 






Universal Print 







If you are still thinking about which plan is best for you, reach out to us! We’ll understand your requirements and propose the best solution for your organization. 

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