Modern Work, Process Transformation, and Secure Cloud | What It Means at Creospark

If you’ve been keeping up with us for a while, you probably know what we’re all about. If you don’t – that’s ok, we’ll cut you some slack (just this one time). At Creospark, we like to think of ourselves as an organization that helps businesses understand, adopt, and love their technology. That’s why we have organized our main services into three easy-to-understand offering pillars: Modern Work, Process Transformation & Secure Cloud.

It wouldn’t be fair for us to expect you to use your precious time to keep up to date with the latest technologies available that might potentially help you do your job faster. It’s also not your job to constantly analyze and optimize your processes at every given chance. Your job is well … to do your job! Now and again, though, we’re sure you have thought something along the lines of “Man, I wish a robot could do these authorization requests for me or why is that all so manual? Ugh, I need a coffee – or 6.” Well, there’s a good chance a machine can do these tasks. Our offerings help assist you to work the way you want to, by letting you focus on the tasks that matter and automating the boringly repetitive, time-consuming, brain-numbing ones.

Introducing our offering pillars:modern work, process transformation, and secure cloud. For us, these are not buzzwords! They each represent a need every organization faces when modernizing their business. This post is all about our three offering pillars, what technologies they’re focused on, what problems they solve and how they can help you achieve more.

Modern work

Let’s start with modern work, so first things first: when we say modern work, what do we really mean? The modern work reflects the post-covid 19 changes to our work environment. We now need to be able to work from anywhere, on any device, securely, productively and collaboratively. There is a new focus on increased employee engagement and remote teamwork. The lines between work and personal life have started to fade and this has led to businesses starting to transform their communication and collaboration methods and the way they get work done. Remote work, employee engagement, streamlined communications, optimized collaboration, and secure environments are now a must. That’s where we come in. We want to help you accomplish all of this – and more!

By adopting modern collaboration tools, you can deliver a modern experience to your staff, and become a fully intelligent workplace. We can help improve your organization’s employee engagement, costs and productivity by adopting and migrating to cloud technologies and enabling your digital modernization. We start off by understanding what you do, how you do it, and how you want to do it more effectively. We also consider what your goals, objectives, and business outcomes are, and help define how we can help you get there. Each and every client is important to us. That’s why we don’t have pre-built packages, just like each client, each solution is unique. Some primary features that make up modern work are portals, custom development, line of business applications, corporate intranets, content services, enterprise on-premise and SaaS app integration, document and records management, meetings, calling, and chats.

Modern work: benefits

  • Custom Microsoft 365 planning, implementation and training delivery
  • Stay on top of emails and calendars on any device
  • Create a hub for teamwork to connect with your teams and customers and store your documentation
  • Co-author files in real-time, auto-save to avoid losing progress, keep backups and recover old versions when needed
  • Be more productive almost anywhere with real-time collaboration
  • Optimize costs & management with a single, secure solution for teamwork
  • Improve employee productivity and well-being, stay connected with your team remotely, discover knowledge, and learn new skills through Microsoft Viva

The main Microsoft applications used in the modern work are OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Exchange, Planner, Project, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva.

Process transformation

The second of our three areas of practice that we offer is called process transformation. Process transformation is all about taking your existing workflows and forms and making them better! This is done by streamlining your business processes to automate and enhance tasks and workflows with intelligent cloud development. We can help you integrate or develop helpful tools such as applications or bots to boost your workplace productivity and employee engagement.

Process transformation can help you adapt to the world we live in today and go digital by focusing on business process management, application, development, data, and artificial intelligence. Our services assist you along the way of this transformation by helping you make sense of the digital experience. Business process automation, data integration, artificial intelligence, digitizing forms, and machine learning are our specialties and help us, help you.

Process transformation: benefits & inclusions

  • Build solutions you need without being constrained by the existing capabilities of legacy and third-party applications
  • Data, business intelligence, AI, robotics process automation, and machine learning capabilities
  • Proactively meet security and governance standards through new components and pre-built components
  • Business Process Management using Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Dataverse, AI Builder, and Power Virtual Agents
  • Leveraging Microsoft Teams to surface your applications and integration within one Hub for Teamwork
  • Support the integration of your existing enterprise data sources and enterprise line of business applications
  • Deep integrations across Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft licensing impacts and cost-saving intricacies
  • Adoption, Change Management, and Training
  • Drive collaboration between employees
  • Use modular building blocks to work together on one platform to innovate on top of your existing systems and increase your flexibility

The main technologies used in process transformation are Power Automate, PowerApps, Power Virtual Agent, Power BI, Dataverse, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams.

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Secure cloud

This brings us to our final practice area, the secure cloud. While modern work and process transformation ensure that you can work digitally from anywhere and on any device, the secure cloud makes sure that work gets done safely. The aim of the secure cloud is that employees feel they can work productively and efficiently from anywhere due to the high-security standards provided. We can help you with endpoint and mobile device management, infrastructure, business continuity and disaster recovery, identity, security, and compliance.

Modern cloud identity, security, and device management can help create better experiences for your employees, partners and customers. With the majority of business being conducted online these days, it’s important that you’re keeping your business, data, devices, identities, applications, and employees safe.

Secure cloud: benefits & inclusions

  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Endpoint and device management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Increased proactive security
  • Licensing and training services
  • Always up-to-date technology

The main applications used in the secure cloud are Azure, Microsoft Defender, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Security & Compliance, Microsoft Endpoint Management, and Intune.

At the end of the day, our three areas of practice are designed specifically to help you – regardless of the situation. Here at Creospark, we’re a people-first organization, and with our offerings, our goal is to help you work anywhere, digitally, and safely. We would love to hear about your business and the impact that our offerings can make, book a consultation now!

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