What Is Viva Sales and How Can It Transform Your Business?

Microsoft Viva—a platform built and designed for the hybrid era— empowers employees to interact, stay connected, and work toward common goals to ensure long-term success. Composed of modules for the masses spanning four key pillars (Connection, Insight, Purpose, and Growth), Viva is now adding modules designed with specific personas in mind.  The new module Viva Sales is an advanced and improved way of selling. It helps make the seller’s life easier so that they can spend more time, effort and energy on closing deals and strengthening their CRM. 

Introducing Viva Sales 

This new module is a seller experience application that takes data and automatically enters it into CRM software. Its purpose is to eliminate manual data entry, which can be draining and lead to errors. 

Viva Sales providing feedback through an outlook email

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The Viva Sales module has numerous features, like capturing client names and data and automatically placing that information into a downloadable list. You can also use the @ mention in Teams chats to ensure that all customer data and status reports are organized and easily transmissible to other inquiring or related members. Plus, because Viva Sales is AI-driven, it provides suggestions and follow-up reminders to prompt you to maintain a strong relationship with clients and close more sales! But our favorite feature? Viva Sales allows you to engage and gain a deeper understanding with conversational intelligence call summaries and call action items! 

Viva Sales Meeting Summary with Transcript and Suggestions

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How Does Microsoft Viva Help Transform the Sales Department 

Viva Sales is the game-changer the sales department has been waiting for! Automating all manual data entry eliminates this once time-consuming task so your sales team can focus on selling strategy and client relationships. Viva Sales helps the sales team reclaim their time and energy as they cut the forms, connect the data, and help close the deal. 

Excel Insights From Viva Sales

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Viva Sales is officially generally available, go check it out!


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