The Future of Microsoft and What 2023 Has in Store for You

The new year is upon us, and technology advances at such high speeds that it’s hard to keep up! Well, that’s where we come in to give you an exclusive summary of the most exciting thing coming from Microsoft in 2023 to ensure that you’re in the loop and the first to know about the new features, modules, and updates that will keep you on the edge of your seat!   

Microsoft Places 

My dashboard of Microsoft Places homepage

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Starting strong, an exciting new addition to the Microsoft modules is Microsoft Places. This tool is the game-changer we’ve all been waiting for to transform the hybrid work experience. With Microsoft Places, users can better understand where work happens and when to keep employees more engaged and aware of each other’s needs. This improved team alignment offers greater details regarding employee work habits and preferences to foster elevated connections and interactions. Microsoft Places offers features like hybrid scheduling, intelligent booking, wayfinding, and more.   

Viva Amplify 

Viva Amplify Campaigns

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Next on the list, Viva Amplify is the helping hand that “amplifies” your voice and ensures your voice is heard. Through its promise to increase views and generate more awareness, Viva Amplify provides features such as AI-driven writing guidance, campaign generation, pre-publication scheduling, and even the ability to collaborate across the entire organization. Amplify then reviews your messaging and turns that data into actionable insights, targets, and metrics to help better understand how well your message is being perceived, delivered, and understood.

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Viva Pulse

Viva Pulse Homepage

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Another upcoming module is Viva Pulse which emphasizes the importance of checking in on one another and seeing how everyone is doing. Viva Pulse encourages users to take a moment out of their busy day to check on their peers. Whether that be a project debrief or even a well-being check-in, Viva Pulse lets users reflect on their thoughts and opinions and voice any comments or concerns without hesitation, thanks to the anonymity feature. By using Viva Pulse, organizations see improvements in employees who are more open and transparent about their work experience and managers with a more straightforward approach to solving issues and addressing areas of concern.   

People in Viva 

People in Viva Categorized by Topics

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

People in Viva is another exciting addition to Microsoft that encourages discovering new connections within your organization. With hybrid and remote work making it quite difficult to connect with your coworkers, People in Viva helps users learn more about their peers, improve their teamwork, and strengthen their relationships. With organization-wide searches based on topics and filters, learning and teaching your peers’ new skills, and viewing one another’s goals and progress, it’s just the beginning of what People in Viva offers.   

Microsoft Teams Premium 

Appointment insights from Microsoft Teams Premium

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Lastly, Microsoft Teams Premium is anticipated to come out in the first half of 2023 and will add even more features to the Microsoft Teams platform! Teams Premium is the stepping stone into changing the meeting culture with features such as intelligent meeting recap, AI-powered live captions, increased protection of sensitive meeting content, and the list goes on! With Microsoft Team Premium, you can look forward to more personalized, intelligent, and secure meetings.   

A final look into the future 

As technology evolves, it’s exciting to see Microsoft create new and compelling content that we look forward to and cherish daily. 2023 has an immense number of new changes, improvements, and additions to Microsoft and the Teams platform, and we cannot wait to see what Microsoft comes up with next. Stay tuned because we’ll be the first to let you know! 

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