The New Microsoft Viva Pulse Module and What It Has to Offer

Lately, Microsoft has been on a roll with the release of several new Viva modules, however, Viva Pulse was probably one of the most anticipated. Now, we’re excited to announce that Viva Pulse is available for customers worldwide, and after this read, we’re sure you’ll be eager to try it out. 

Introducing Viva Pulse 

The lines between work and life continue to blur in our hybrid/remote work world. Getting wrapped up in work and the stress that may come with it takes a toll. Many of us forget to reflect and consider how we’re feeling—we fail to take our pulse.  

Viva Pulse reminds us to unwind, analyze, and process the many factors that influence and affect our health. It grants us interactive insight into our organization, focusing on employee engagement and well-being. Viva Pulse empowers managers and project leads to request anonymous feedback from their teams these requests are called “pulses” and gain insight on their team’s needs and sentiments. This feedback-oriented culture model provides the opportunity for leaders to reach out to employees regularly and make “check-ins” a more casual, acceptable part of one’s day-to-day activities. 

Viva Pulse features 

Sending a pulse is as easy as clicking a button with Microsoft’s perfectly thought-out layout, structure, and features that Viva Pulse offers. Users can request feedback on team success, project debriefs, well-being, and more. By doing so, there is a greater level of support and acknowledgment for both personal and work-related tasks. 

The home page of Viva Pulse

Photo courtesy of Microsoft 

Sending a pulse is simpler than ever with intelligent templates, research-baked questions, and analytics. Users may even browse question topics to set as their subject matter for a pulse, and the great part is, completing a pulse takes little to no time to fulfill! 

Filling out a Pulse and browsing question topics

Photo courtesy of Microsoft 


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A pulse gifts us meaningful results to examine, dig deeper, and gain greater insights. Observe details like how many people participated, the variations in the results, and most importantly, the ability to make a pulse private and anonymous to ensure that you receive truthful and honest feedback.   

The final component of Viva Pulse empowers us to share and expose others to the knowledge gained. Not only can results be shared, but Viva Pulse also offers suggested learning and actions on relevant topics based on pulse results to help address concerns and adjust where needed. Making changes earlier and more frequently due to greater awareness and understanding of employees’ honest thoughts and feelings makes Viva Pulse one of wellbeing’s greatest advocates. 

Example of a customized template of a well-being pulse

Photo courtesy of Microsoft 


Viva Pulse is the module you’ve been waiting for

Viva Pulse helps you better understand your organization and team members by empowering leaders with a deeper understanding of how employees genuinely think and feel. This Viva module offers a win-win situation as it allows employees to use their voices without the fear of being judged or penalized while giving higher-up management the ability to more efficiently and effectively identify and correct areas of concern. Understanding what is making an organization successful, what is holding them back, and what can be worked on to create an improved and more viable business are all steps in the right direction. With the help of Microsoft Viva Pulse, you can continue pursuing the ideal employee experience.   

Microsoft Viva Pulse is now generally available worldwide, so try it out today and hear what your team has to say! This powerful tool will enable you to foster a supportive, connected workplace, ensuring a positive employee experience. For more information or assistance with Viva Pulse or any of the other Viva modules, book your FREE consultation today! 

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