Elevating Your Microsoft 365 Environment for Maximum ROI

When helping organizations with their Microsoft 365-powered digital workspaces, one common struggle persists—change. While businesses desire new tools, they also cling to familiar methods, resulting in underutilization and inefficient use of services, ultimately leading to decreased productivity.

This is where effective Microsoft 365 management emerges as a transformative force for organizations, revolutionizing their work processes and collaboration. By implementing a comprehensive management strategy, businesses can gain control over their Microsoft 365 environment, optimizing its usage and unlocking its full potential. Streamlined governance establishes consistent policies and best practices, guiding employees to harness the platform’s capabilities while ensuring compliance and security. 

Recognizing the need to evaluate clients’ utilization and management of the Microsoft 365 platform and deliver increased value, our team collaborated with our esteemed partner, ShareGate. Together, we share valuable insights on the profound impact of effective Microsoft 365 maturity for your organization and managing your Microsoft 365 environment for maximum ROI. 

Maximizing value in Microsoft 365 

If you’re struggling to manage your Microsoft 365 platform, use ShareGate’s assessment tool to gain valuable insights and personalized recommendations on maximizing the value derived from your Microsoft 365 environment and elevating its maturity level. This tool breaks down the success of your Microsoft 365 into five essential elements, highlighting how each element is central to its overall success. By focusing on these key areas, you can effectively optimize your Microsoft 365 environment and drive productivity and efficiency within your organization.   


Effective governance is the foundation of your Microsoft 365 environment, guiding tool usage and ensuring collaboration. However, many organizations struggle with governance for two main reasons.  

  1. They often prioritize prior experience over Microsoft 365-specific policies and best practices. 
  2. Rushed implementations hinder comprehensive planning and understanding. To achieve Microsoft 365 success, prioritize dedicating time and resources to building a strong governance strategy. 

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Security takes the spotlight for IT professionals, driven by the prevalent threats and risks in digital environments. While security concerns are essential, effective management is equally crucial. Microsoft 365 offers robust default security setups, providing a strong protection foundation for your tenant. However, as end users engage with the tools, IT must stay updated on best practices to ensure proper security measures. Security becomes a critical aspect of your governance plan, encompassing practices to minimize data loss and prevent breaches. 

Shadow IT 

Shadow IT typically arises when IT departments exert excessive control, limiting users’ freedom to install tools or apps. It can also occur when employees lack information or training on approved tools, leading them to rely on familiar but unsanctioned options. Building a governance strategy with an end-user communication plan ensures everyone has the necessary resources. 


Without proper governance measures, sprawl is inevitable, resulting in duplicated SharePoint sites, unnecessary teams, and files stored without proper procedures. Unfortunately, some organizations prioritize task completion over ensuring correct tool usage, overlooking the impact of sprawl. Yet, productivity suffers as employees face the repercussions of confusion and misinformation within their apps. Additionally, sprawl affects finances due to storage costs and poses security challenges with dispersed data.   


Adoption is not a one-time achievement; it requires continuous effort to ensure correct tool usage and sustained productivity. Despite its significance, organizations often perceive internal training and adoption management as cost centers rather than revenue generators. IT can foster adoption by identifying resourceful users who embrace change and deploying new apps and features within their teams or organizations. Establishing “champions programs” and implementing ongoing training and education are essential to maintain adoption and complete the journey to Microsoft 365 maturity. 

A quick recap 

Effective Microsoft 365 management is a game-changer for organizations, revolutionizing their work processes and collaboration. By implementing a comprehensive management strategy, businesses can optimize the usage of their Microsoft 365 environment for maximum ROI. However, keep in mind that successful Microsoft 365 adoption is an ongoing journey that requires continuous effort and education. To discover more about maximizing your Microsoft 365 ROI, check out ShareGate’s blog. 

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