Eat Your Frog | The Secret to Your Most Productive Self

A frog a day keeps the stress away!  

Frog for breakfast might not sound ideal, but it’s a must. And it’s not because there’s a bacon shortage but because we want you to have the most productive summer yet.  

But what is a frog? Your ‘frog’ is your most daunting task for the day. Whether it be the most difficult, a small nagging task you’ve put off, or the most significant task on your list, that frog pulls you in different directions and causes procrastination because it’s the hardest to get done and the easiest to avoid. 

Happy hunting!

At Creospark, we’ve found a way to conquer our ‘frogs’ to become even more productive. 

The first step in eating your frog is to find it first. We created a Microsoft Form to encourage our team to identify their frog. 

A screenshot of our Microsoft Form for the frog of the day.

Next, set up a flow in Power Automate to further cheerlead your team to eat their frog of the day by sending them praise on Teams and celebrating their achievement. Follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to Power Automate, click “Create,” and then “Automated cloud flow.Step 1 of the process.
  2. Choose “When a new response is submitted” as your trigger. Step 2 of the process.
  3. After naming your flow, click “Create” to generate it, and link it to the first step using your Form ID. Step 3 of the process.
  4. For the second step, choose the “Get response details” operation and link it to your Form. 
  5. Then select “Get user profile (V2),” which retrieves the user’s email address and name, helping you write personalized messages to celebrate your employees for identifying their frog. Step 5 of the process.
  6. To send and create the message, choose “Post a message in a chat or channel” as your operation, pick the channel you want to share the message in, and write a personalized draft. Step 6 of the process.
  7. You can also use the “Post a choice of options as the Flow bot to a user” operation to send a reminder to your users to see if they’ve already eaten their frog of the day. Step 7 of the process.
  8. Following the reminder, you can create a condition to celebrate their achievement by eating their frog of the day if they already have. Additionally, you can send them an encouraging message to lift their spirits and motivate them to eat their frog.” Step 8 of the process.


Fine as frog hair!

Eat your work frog, so you have more time to hunt the real ones lakeside. After all, a frog a day keeps the stress away! 

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