Say Goodbye to Sending Tedious Email Reminders | Build a Scheduled Cloud Flow with Power Automate

Hey there, fellow sunshine enthusiasts! Ready to soak up the sun while effortlessly managing your work? Say hello to the Power Platform and bid farewell to those tedious mundane tasks! Let’s dive into how you can automate reminder emails by building a scheduled cloud flow, allowing you to kick back and enjoy quality time with your family and friends this summer!  

To do this, let’s head over to, where the summer adventure awaits. Open Power Automate, click “Create,” and choose “Scheduled cloud flow.” This flow enables users to automate team reminders and stay on top of what’s essential without giving it a second thought.   

Where to find "Scheduled Cloud Flow" in Power Automate.


Before diving into creating the flow, you get to choose the perfect time to schedule it and determine how frequently it should repeat whether you prefer to run once a day, once a week, or even once a month, the choice is entirely yours. 

a screenshot demonstrating how to set up the time and date for your Scheduled Cloud Flow


Once you’ve decided how often you want this flow to run, click “Create.” Click “New step” on the next page to select the operation that best suits your needs. In our example, we want to create a reminder email for employees to make sure they’ve recorded and submitted their billable hours at the end of the day every Thursday. Therefore, we search for Outlook as our action and choose “Send an email (V2).”  

Next, simply input the names of the employees who should receive the emails. Craft a delightful subject and a warm, informative body explaining the purpose of the email. And voila – your emails are ready to hit the summer airwaves, spreading sunny vibes all around! 

a screenshot demonstrating how to setup and create Scheduled Cloud Flow.


Lazy tip: Remember to put on some sunscreen and sunglasses while your automated emails do all the work for you! So go ahead, relax, and let technology take care of the rest. Happy summer, everyone!   

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