Spread Holiday Cheer | Teams’ Video Messaging Feature

In a remote-first world, a personal touch goes a long way in humanizing the digital employee experience. A considerable percentage of communication is non-verbal. So, spread some extra holiday cheer this year by leveraging Teams’ video messaging feature to send your team a cheery video message.

Reinforce your company culture

Maintaining a strong organizational culture is more important than ever before. Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index indicates most employees come to work not because of policies but because they crave human interactions and are motivated by rebuilding team bonds. This can be extremely challenging for a remote or a hybrid workplace where people spend most of their time behind a computer screen and use meetings mainly to plan and strategize.

Conveying emotions through text can be misinterpreted or lose impact. Our people deserve more than that!

Why not send them a more personal note via video message? Videos better capture your tone with body language and facial expressions giving your messages a more human touch.

An asynchronous form of communication

In a world demanding more flexible work schedules, delivering flexibility while respecting work-life balance is complicated. As a result, asynchronous communication is becoming more critical than ever. Video messaging enables collaboration without requiring people to be in the same room, virtual space, or even on the same schedule.

Use video messaging to bring more efficiency to your business processes by helping you communicate critical information with your team faster. Both employees and leaders can use video messages to explain a task, deliver training, or troubleshoot an issue. Plus, video messaging allows you to communicate faster than chat messaging or email since you speak more quickly than you type.

How to record a video message?

All you need to do is open Microsoft Teams, enter a chat, and click on “record a video clip.”

After clicking on this button, a window appears where you can adjust your device settings and film your video clip.

What the video message feature looks like in Teams.

Hit record, record your video, and share your message with your team!

A quick recap

Video messages can help you communicate with your team faster, more effectively, and genuinely. Send a video message today to strengthen your company’s culture and improve communication with a human touch. Are you struggling with managing your hybrid workplace? Our team is ready to help!

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