The Gift of Eloquence | Teams Speaker Coach

Congratulations! You’ve been on Santa’s list of nice organizational leaders this year, and we’re here to give you the gift you’ve been asking for! We all know how important it is for leaders to have exceptional communication skills. Great leaders can inspire their teams through their words of encouragement and solve complex problems. The success of your company directly depends on the quality and effectiveness of communication among leaders throughout your organization. Therefore, to improve the culture and efficiency of your organization, you must provide leaders with the right tools to advance their communication skills. 

Speaker Coach 

Speaker Coach is a machine learning feature that helps users prepare and deliver more impactful presentations. Speaker Coach evaluates your pacing, pitch, your use of filler words, informal speech, euphemisms, and culturally sensitive terms. It can also detect when you’re overly wordy or simply reading the text on a slide. This feature is now available on Microsoft Teams, and you can start using it in your meetings to become a better speaker today!  

You can enable it while in a meeting by clicking on the overflow menu (…) and then turning on Speaker Coach. 

While in the meeting, Speaker Coach provides you with live feedback, and once the meeting is over, with a detailed report to improve your presentation and communication skills.  

With the help of the Speaker Coach, everyone can become a better leader and presenter by strengthening their communication skills. Engage your audience by improving your pacing, tone, and your use of filler words while speaking. Excellent communication skills bring clarity, focus, and efficiency to your organization. So, give yourself and your team the gift of clear, effective communication this holiday season.   

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