We care about more than IT

We are a Toronto-based, California-based digital design consultancy with extraordinary expertise in Office 365, SharePoint, and the Power Platform.

Our team of client-oriented leaders, diligent analysts, innovative designers, and solution-driven developers is committed to developing solutions that align with our clients’ unique company cultures.

Our values

Be kind &
do good

We earnestly foster a trustworthy environment through honesty, transparency, candour, and respect.

Aspire & Inspire

We continuously aim to be better, learn more, and share our knowledge. 

Listen with intent

Our approach is rooted in empathy. We actively listen to our clients and team members and create thoughtfully personalized solutions with their unique needs in mind.

Walk the talk

We do what we say. We deliver with pride and are agents of positive change. We own our mistakes, demonstrate accountability, and plan with intent.

Giving back to the community

Giving back is ingrained in us. Supporting technical communities is a part of our culture.

Supporting our network

At the core of our work, we always keep our customers’ and partners’ best interests at heart.

Listening with empathy

We pride ourselves on hiring not only technically smart individuals, but those who care about people.

Creospark and Microsoft

Microsoft Most Valued Professionals & Reginal Directors

Multiple members of our team are members of the Microsoft MVP community. The Microsoft MVP award recognizes exceptional community leadership. The award is given to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge. That includes speaking at events or simplifying technology for businesses we work with. For us, it’s not about signing the statement of work, it’s about empowering others with our expertise.

Sharing their knowledge externally

Blurb about what our MVPs and RDs do to share what they know with their network. Blogs, events, conferences, content, mentorship, coaching, etc…

Providing feedback internally

Blurb about the work MVPs and RDs do with Microsoft and the good it does for the users.
Jumpstart programs / RD / MVP

[Knowledge] Sharing is caring.

Community events is our jam

Blurb about the many community events we hold or participate in yearly, include Power of the Cloud as a sponsor.

Microsoft Immersion Workshops

Microsoft holds Immersion Workshops to help users develop their skills and uncover business growth opportunities by attending a one-day workshop focused on specific Microsoft products and workflows. Creospark delivers Immersion workshops on behalf of Microsoft on Microsoft Viva and Microsoft Power Platform technologies. Discover more here.

Microsoft Power Platform In a Day workshops

Creospark is a trusted Microsoft  delivery partner for Microsoft Power Platform in a Day workshops. Attend to develop your skills and uncover business growth opportunities. We hold App in a day, Power Virtual Agent in a Day and Robotic Process Automation in a Day workshops multiple times per month.  Discover more here.

App in a Day Delivery Partner
Automation in a Day Delivery Partner
Dashboard in a Day Delivery Partner

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