From Santa’s Workshop | Games for Work

You can keep your partridge and tree of pear 

all I want for Christmas is solitaire.  

This holiday, Teams gets a perk 

introducing…Games for Work. 

Microsoft wrapped up the gift of nostalgia and is serving it up in Teams! Solitaire and Minesweeper brought us hours of joy, and now that Microsoft’s added its old casual games to Teams, everyone can reminisce about the good old days and strengthen team bonds. 

Strengthen company culture through play 

Strengthen team bonds through play? In our remote/hybrid-first world, creating connections and improving team morale is more challenging than ever. Cheesy icebreakers lack excitement and can be uncomfortable and awkward; however, playing games can foster relationships and collaboration.  

For your team to reach maximum efficiency, they need to trust one another and communicate properly, and games are an easy way to connect and build trust with others. By bringing games and excitement to your meetings, you can boost creativity and collaboration in a unique way throughout your organization. 

Do I have options?

Of course, you do! Santa’s elves didn’t just make one game but 4 of them to engage your team. 

Microsoft IceBreakers 

IceBreakers sparks passionate conversations between employees with the use of easy-to-answer questions. What toppings do you like on your pizza? I’m eager to hear my colleagues debating whether pineapples belong on pizza. (They definitely don’t btw!) 

Microsoft Minesweeper

You step on a landmine, you go boom! Microsoft Minesweeper encourages teams to solve problems and accomplish objectives collectively. 

Microsoft Wordament

Like Scrabble, Wordament is a fantastic game that challenges your vocabulary and fosters healthy team competition. More than 250 participants can simultaneously play this game in a meeting and enjoy each other’s company. 

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

I’m sure we’re all familiar with solitaire. A friendly head-to-head matchup in Microsoft Solitaire Collection encourages team participation. 

A screenshot depicting all the games that are available in "Games for Work".


How to add them to your meetings? 

To add these games to your own meetings, you only need to go to “Apps” and search for “Games for Work.” Then, install the app and boot it up to play with colleagues! You can then choose your favorite game and get the fun going. 

Grab your eggnog, sit back, and reminisce about the days of old. With the help of “Games for Work”, you can bring your team together to solve problems, collaborate, and bond with one another. Leverage these games during your Teams meetings to strengthen your organization’s culture and improve morale. Contact us if you’re still struggling to establish a thriving culture in your organization! 

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