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Document Processing Case Study

It’s no secret that SharePoint Premium has powerful capabilities, but how can you exactly leverage this technology to tackle your most pressing business needs? In this webinar, we’ll discuss practical use cases and show how we helped one of Canada’s largest business and family offices unlock 98% efficiency gains with SharePoint Premium.

As one of the first North American partners to help a customer deploy SharePoint Premium (formerly Syntex) based Machine Learning, we’ll provide exclusive insights into our project learnings and best practices. Hear directly from our experts how we effectively executed a large digital transformation for our clients, helping them save hundreds of manual document processing time.

We will cover the following topics in this session:

  • SharePoint Premium Primer: Get an introduction to the features.
  • Common Use Cases: Explore how these tools address common business needs.
  • Document Processing Case Study: Gain insights into how we helped our client experience significant operational efficiencies from SharePoint Premium.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to dive into SharePoint Premium from a practical standpoint, with actionable insights you can use to drive ROI.