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The concept of AI can sometimes feel lofty, even otherworldly, but AI is so much more than Meta. Microsoft is leaning into AI, funding billions in R&D, and recently investing in ChatGPT to harness AI’s true powers. But how can you tap into this for your business today? Join us as we walk you through the practical application of AI—we’ll show you how our organization and clients are using AI today to bring more productivity to their teams. Discover how you can unleash artificial intelligence to take care of the mundane, so you can get back to working on the stuff that we humans do best! 

In this session:

  • Discover what AI opportunities are at your fingertips with Microsoft 365:
    • ChatGPT, Viva Topics, Microsoft Graph, Power Virtual Agents, App Builder, and more! 
  • We’ll deliver AI-driven takeaways that will help you and your team:
    • Increase productivity 
    • Bring visibility to employees’ work 
    • Automate/supplement work using machine learning 
    • Compile data and derive insights to improve work processes 


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