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Intranet success looks different for every organization. But no matter how you define success, your intranet investment mandates user adoption, and stakeholders and project sponsors want to see ROI. A company’s digital workspace must attract users, make them feel at home, and encourage them to stick around.

So what does success look like? What KPIs should you target for your intranet, and what metrics should you be tracking to not only prove ROI but make data-driven decisions to bring improvements to your intranet for your users?

Join us for our next webinar as intranet expert Carolyn Gjerde and Data Platform and Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP John White and Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP Norm Young of tyGraph show you how to define success, what to track, and how to turn that data into action.

In this session, we’ll show you:

  • Why monitoring is key to intranet health
  • How to define success for your organization and your department
  • How to choose the right KPIs and benchmarks for success, including:
    • What to track to prove success/ROI.
    • What to track to make data-driven actionable change
    • What to track to understand how your organization is working
  • How to track success and what tools are available to you today, including demos!

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