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We regularly hold Fabric Analyst in a Day workshop on behalf of Microsoft. Look at our Events page to see what date works best for you or your team! Register today to leverage Microsoft Fabric to break down data silos and unify disparate sources of data to create rich, powerful Power BI dashboards and reports – enabling you to scale analytics while reducing costs and optimizing existing data management in a governed and secure way.

Fabric Analyst is designed to utilize your Power Platform with comprehensive training in a single day.

At the end of the day, attendees will better understand how to:

  • Identify when their organizations can benefit from using Microsoft Fabric for their specific business scenarios
  • Leverage the full power of Microsoft Fabric to streamline and enhance productivity with an integrated analytics platform
  • Unify and transform data from across various data sources through Shortcuts, Dataflows Gen 2 and Pipelines
  • Build rich and powerful reports to discover meaningful insights and make impactful business decisions with Power BI

Simply register here to start learning how Microsoft Fabric can meet your business needs by creating an integrated, unified analytics solution with accessible insights that scale with ease.