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We regularly hold Copilot Studio in a Day workshop on behalf of Microsoft. Look at our Events page to see what date works best for you or your team! Register today for an all-day interactive training to learn how to respond rapidly to your customers and employees at scale, using intelligent conversational chatbots. At the end of the day, you will be able to easily create your own chatbots, take action quickly with seamless integrations, and build smart bots using rich, personalized conversations for any scenario or use case.

Copilot Studio in a Day is designed to utilize your Power Platform with comprehensive training in a single day.

The training provides practical, hands-on experience with our team members, specializing in creating Copilot Studio solutions in a full-day of an instructor-led chatbot creation workshop.

Simply register here to start learning about building sophisticated chatbots in this Copilot Studio in a Day training event.