Viva and Glint | The Key to Transforming Employee Experience

Microsoft’s Work Index Report tells us that 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer, making the need for a positive work environment that supports the holistic needs of employees more crucial than ever. So, it’s not surprising that Microsoft has been working hard to provide new tools to help elevate the employee experience, partnering with employee-experience software developer Glint to integrate their innovative platform into the Microsoft Viva Suite starting in July 2023.

What is Viva Glint?

Glint is an advanced analytics platform that provides valuable insights and feedback to aid organizations in understanding employee engagement and how to strengthen it. Glint’s partnership with Microsoft Viva expands its capabilities even further. By leveraging Glint, businesses can gain critical information on employee sentiment and translate that into improving leadership effectiveness and better aligning their workforce with organizational goals.

Viva Glint benefits

Equipping leaders to shine

Glint grants leaders many tools to excel in their role and keep a consistent finger on the pulse of their business. Glint allows leaders to stay connected with workers by providing real-time access to a repository of employee feedback, in which Glint’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities analyze trends and patterns to help employers see the connection between how work is going and how employees feel.

On top of giving leaders a comprehensive view of sentiment data and related proactive insights, Glint also provides leaders with actionable steps to fix areas of improvement. Glint empowers leaders to level up their skillset by suggesting how to act on insights, accompanied by integrated LinkedIn Learning content like videos and articles.

Screenshot of Viva Glint's integration with LinkedIn Learning, designed to help leaders better elevate employee experience.

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Elevating employee experience

Employees are invaluable as the strong-beating heart of any organization’s success. Glint gives employees a confidential and safe space to voice their feedback, opinions, and suggestions that leaders can view and act upon in real time.

Organizations can glean critical insights into employee sentiment on engagement, leader and team effectiveness, culture, diversity and inclusion, and development by analyzing aggregate employee feedback. Viva and Glint foster a positive culture of continuous real-time feedback, transparent communication, and trust — translating into increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

Viva Glint’s integration with Viva Insights amplifies workplace success

Glint’s integration with Viva Insights allows for both platforms’ data to be viewed simultaneously in real time. Combining Glint’s sentiment data with Viva Insights’ behavioral data allows for holistic insights into employees’ work patterns and how they impact engagement.

A screenshot displaying Viva Glint's integration capabilities with Viva Insights to display behavioural data and sentiment data simultaneously to glean more insight into employee experience.


If you’re looking for the Viva Glint add-on, it will be packaged with the Microsoft Viva Suite beginning July 2023. The Viva Suite with Glint is billed as a per-user per-month model and requires a Microsoft 365 F1/F3/E3/A3/E5/A5, Office 365 E1/A1/F3/E3/A3/E5/A5, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, or Sharepoint K, Plan 1 or Plan 2 license to be eligible to use.

Learn more about Microsoft Viva and available plans here. 

A quick recap

Integrating Viva and Glint into your organization’s toolkit opens the door to invaluable insights that fuel positive transformation and growth. Through mobilizing data, businesses can enhance the employee experience and elevate productivity, engagement, and satisfaction in various work environments. With Viva and Glint, leaders can tackle the challenges of the exponentially shifting business world with ease and empower employees to do the same. We invite you to embrace Glint to open up the wealth of information you need in your organization’s transformative journey.

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