Guiding the Service Sleigh | Copilot Lights the Way to Exceptional Service with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

‘Tis the season of warmth and connection, where exceptional customer service is the ultimate gift for thriving businesses. Enter Dynamics 365 Customer Service, unwrapping the present of extraordinary service with its revolutionary AI-powered tool, Copilot. Copilot transforms the agent experience—by offering real-time assistance, smoothing case handling, and automating those tiresome tasks. Join us in this blog as we unwrap Copilot’s capabilities, revealing how it can transform your team’s customer interactions. Get ready for a festive dive into service excellence! 

Real-time assistance 

One of the key features of Copilot is its ability to provide real-time assistance. When you log in to any of the Customer Service agent apps, Copilot, like a helpful holiday elf, appears in the right-side panel, ready to assist. The “Ask a question” tab is your gateway to seamless problem-solving. Copilot acts as your partner, instantly guiding you and addressing your queries without the need to scour information sources. 

Natural conversations 

Copilot is designed for a seamless and natural interaction experience. You can ask free-form questions just as you would with a cheerful colleague or supervisor. Copilot responds in a conversational manner, allowing you to take multiple actions: 

  • Ask a direct question: Copilot retrieves the most relevant answers from your organization’s knowledge sources. 
  • Ask follow-up turn-by-turn questions: If the initial response is not entirely helpful, you can guide Copilot with follow-up questions, making the interaction more dynamic. 
  • Ask Copilot to attempt a better response: Copilot can rephrase responses based on your guidance, such as summarizing or providing detailed steps and spreading joy in every response. 

A screenshot demonstrating how does Copilot look in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Streamlined responses 

Copilot doesn’t just provide answers; it empowers you to use those responses effectively. If you’re satisfied with Copilot’s reply, you can incorporate it into your interactions with customers. You can copy part of Copilot’s response or use the entire reply. For digital messaging conversations, you can send the response to the customer after making any necessary revisions. Additionally, you can check the sources from which Copilot obtained the response, allowing you to provide customers with additional resources.  

Efficient email communication 

Copilot simplifies the email drafting process, ensuring that your responses are not only swift but also effective. Here’s how it works: 

Customizable email prompts 

When drafting emails, Copilot offers predefined prompts to streamline your responses. You can choose from prompts like suggesting a call, requesting more information, empathizing with feedback, providing product/service details, or resolving the customer’s problem. Alternatively, you can create a custom prompt to suit your specific needs. Copilot’s flexibility ensures your emails are tailor-made to address each customer’s unique situation. 

Final thoughts 

In a world where customer service can make or break a business, Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s Copilot is a game-changer. It empowers agents with real-time assistance, natural conversations, and efficient email communication. The result is not only faster issue resolution but also a more personalized and effective customer service experience. With Copilot as your magical companion, your team can focus on what truly matters during this season of enchantment – delivering exceptional service and building lasting customer relationships. 


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