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Disseminating crucial information to your Team is no easy feat. Virtual communication faces many challenges — messages can be lost in translation, misunderstood, or not read at all. Leadership relies on Corporate Communications teams and tools to help spread the word. However, Microsoft has a special gift to support corporate communications teams to help manage, track, and amplify our messages. Viva Amplify is a communication platform coming to Microsoft Viva in 2023 that improves the employee experience by turning messaging into campaigns that gain greater recognition and awareness.

Introducing Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify is a communication platform that aims to improve the employee experience and—as its name implies—“amplify” one’s voice. Its main goal is to help users communicate with larger audiences and form strong, more meaningful connections.  

This central hub for communication takes messages and turns them into campaigns that can reach further viewers and generate more awareness. Not only does Viva Amplify help you spread your message it also helps you level up your messaging. It gathers insights into the effectiveness and reach of the campaign so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your communication efforts in the future. 

Viva Amplify Hub

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What features does it have to offer?  

Viva Amplify helps both execute and deliver campaigns. For starters, AI-driven tools such as writing guides are available throughout the platform, offering tips, tricks, and advice on communicating your message best. These suggestions go a long way when it comes to optimizing your experience!    

Viva Amplify also encourages teamwork, allowing you to easily access and collaborate across several campaigns throughout the whole organization. These campaigns can then effortlessly be published, sent, and shared, and you can even view a preview of what the campaign will look like on different channels such as Outlook, SharePoint, and more.  

Another key feature that many users will appreciate is the option to pre-assign a publication schedule for campaigns. Users may choose what time to publish campaigns and where and to whom they wish to send them. Campaigns are then tracked for engagement, reach, and effectiveness levels giving you a deeper understanding of how well the message was communicated, perceived, and accepted.  

Viva Amplify Campaigns

On top of this, you gain the opportunity to form more connections with each campaign that you publish as you get to reach out and connect with a larger number of people! Lastly, Viva Amplify offers numerous resources available at the click of a button to help you understand Viva Amplify better and view other campaigns that may interest you.  

Amplify your voice with Viva Amplify 

Viva Amplify is set up in a very simple and organized manner for the user to exhaust the least amount of effort possible and still attain outstanding results. This new tool allows you to do more with less, helping users capitalize on their communication efforts while “amplifying” their voices. This Viva module provides:  

  • Writing guidance and feedback.  
  • Effortlessly share and publish work.  
  • Pre-assign a publication schedule.  
  • And its simple-to-use design ensures other departments can easily collaborate on campaigns.   

Viva Amplify has all the Microsoft fans on the edge of their seats, and we at Creospark can’t wait to help you integrate Viva Amplify into your daily work life.    

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