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The best way to spread cheer is by Amplifying your message for all to hear!  

Disseminating crucial information to your Team is no easy feat. Virtual communication faces many challenges — messages can be lost in translation, misunderstood, or not read at all. Leadership relies on Corporate Communications teams and tools to help spread the word. This holiday, Microsoft has a special gift to support corporate communications teams to help manage, track, and amplify our messages in the coming year. Viva Amplify is a communication platform coming to Microsoft Teams in 2023 that improves the employee experience by turning messaging into campaigns that gain greater recognition and awareness. 

Viva Amplify Hub Homepage

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What does Viva Amplify provide?

Not only does Viva Amplify help you spread your message it also helps you level up your messaging. It gathers insights into the effectiveness and reach of the campaign so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your communication efforts in the future. 

Viva Amplify Campaigns with Writing Guidance 

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How you can use Viva Amplify in the new year 

This new tool allows you to do more with less, helping users capitalize on their communication efforts while “amplifying” their voices. Viva Amplify provides: 

  • Writing guidance and feedback. 
  • Effortlessly share and publish work. 
  • Pre-assign a publication schedule. 
  • And it’s simple-to-use design ensures other departments can easily collaborate on campaigns.  

Viva Amplify has all the Microsoft fans on the edge of their seats, and we at Creospark can’t wait to help you integrate Viva Amplify into your daily work life.   


Be sure to check out our What is Viva Amplify? blog for a more detailed breakdown of the details and information around this tool and stay tuned for more updates on new Viva platforms such as our blogs on Viva Pulse, People in Viva, and Viva Sales. 


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