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As much as we’ve all dreamed that collaboration tools like Teams, Slack, and others would retire email, this 50-year+-old tool is going strong. In fact, “the average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email,” according to a McKinsey analysis. For the average full-time worker, that amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day. As our reliance on emails grows, so does the challenge of managing and preserving this digital flow. That’s where Colligo’s Email Manager for Microsoft 365 comes in to ensure excellent email management. 

What is email management? 

Email management refers to the process of efficiently organizing, storing, and handling emails and email attachments to improve productivity, collaboration, and information retrieval. It involves implementing strategies, tools, and best practices to effectively manage the flow of emails in personal and business settings. 

Why is email management important? 

Email management goes beyond just tidying up your inbox; it’s about establishing a streamlined process to delete or file emails so they can be quickly found again, ensuring productivity, collaboration, and compliance. 

Time efficiency and productivity 

Unmanaged emails can quickly become overwhelming, burying essential messages under piles of clutter. Proper email management allows individuals to reduce time spent on sorting through inboxes, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks and be more productive. 

Information retention 

Email management allows for the retention of valuable information and knowledge that may be required for future reference or decision-making. By organizing and archiving important emails, organizations can preserve institutional memory and facilitate informed decision-making. A well-organized email system categorizes emails into relevant folders, tags, or labels, enhancing efficiency and reducing the frustration of searching for important information. 

Legal and compliance 

In certain industries, emails may contain sensitive or legally binding information. Proper email management ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates efficient retrieval of critical data when required for legal purposes. This mitigates potential risks and legal challenges. 

Colligo’s Email Manager  

At the heart of Email Manager for M365 lies its mission to streamline email retention, enabling you to save, classify, and tag emails and email attachments directly to a centralized location in SharePoint Online without leaving Outlook, making them easily accessible when needed. Thanks to this tool, your team can bid farewell to endlessly searching for particular emails and drastically improve compliance. 

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Your right hand in change management 

A powerful feature of Email Manager for M365 is the ability to bulk file Outlook file folders to SharePoint. When employees change roles or leave the company, their carefully nurtured email inbox file folders remain intact, waiting to be leveraged by their colleagues. Colligo’s automated bulk filing tool schedules the movement of folders to SharePoint, so the content can be searched and found again by team members.   

Retention and organization 

Colligo’s Email Manager allows your team members to quickly save email and attachments to SharePoint, so vital information is labeled and retained. This is extremely useful for your organization’s legal team and senior personnel, who need to store certain content according to regulatory requirements and may need to produce email content during audits or legal proceedings. 

Built with many users in mind 

Email Manager for M365 allows users to stay within Outlook while seamlessly and quickly filing email to SharePoint. They save time by not having to switch apps and rest easy knowing their email is auto-tagged according to company policy and standards.  

A screenshot of Colligo Email Manger user interface on mobile.

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Benefits of Colligo’s Email Manager  

Colligo’s emailmanagement solution offers a wide range of benefits to both end-users and enterprises. Let’s explore how Colligo empowers users and enhances organizational productivity: 

Benefits for End-Users 

  • File email to SharePoint: With Colligo’s seamless integration, end-users can effortlessly file emails and attachments from Outlook directly to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive. This ensures that crucial information is centrally stored and easily accessible whenever needed. 
  • Auto-apply labels: Colligo’s intelligent features automatically extract metadata properties from emails and attachments. Additionally, users can manually capture custom fields using Colligo Intelligence, streamlining the process of categorizing and organizing emails. 
  • Stay in your Office apps: End-users can conveniently view and browse SharePoint content within Outlook, eliminating the need to switch between different applications. Moreover, the ability to search for content across Microsoft 365 further enhances productivity and efficiency.  
  • Enable collaboration: Colligo empowers users to foster collaboration by seamlessly emailing SharePoint content as links. This facilitates easy collaboration among team members and promotes efficient file-sharing within the organization. 

Benefits for Enterprises 

  • Get more from your investment: By leveraging Colligo’s email management solution, enterprises can drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint and Teams. This ensures that organizations maximize the benefits of their Microsoft 365 investment for records and knowledge management. 
  • Ensure compliance: Colligo supports Microsoft 365 and brings BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities to organizations without compromising information management compliance. This enables enterprises to maintain regulatory compliance while facilitating a modern and flexible work environment. 
  • Quickly configure: Colligo provides a user-friendly administrative tool that allows for easy and centralized configuration of site access for users and groups, which even non-IT personnel can utilize efficiently. 
  • Deploy in minutes: Deploying Colligo’s SharePoint Outlook connector is a breeze, thanks to the simple Microsoft 365 add-in framework. Users gain instant access to the powerful features, enabling organizations to save time and start utilizing the solution right away. 

A quick recap 

Colligo’s Email Manager for Microsoft 365 offers a powerful and user-friendly solution to address the challenges of email management in the digital age. With its seamless integration, end-users can effortlessly file, classify, and access emails and attachments directly from Outlook to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive. This tool not only boosts individual productivity but also empowers enterprises to maximize the benefits of their Microsoft 365 investment, ensuring compliance and efficient collaboration. Try Colligo’s Email Manager today to elevate your email management to new heights. 

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