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The holidays are a time to reconnect with loved ones and get a pulse on those we hold dear. But we could all be better at keeping in touch throughout the year. It’s equally important to keep a pulse on your team. The Great Resignation has taught us many things, and one of the most important lessons is understanding your Team’s sentiments. This is no easy feat, but Microsoft has recently released a new tool to help us stay in tune Viva Pulse. 

What is Viva Pulse and how will it help you in the new year?

While Viva Pulse does not literally monitor your team members’ pulse, it does have a similar concept. Viva Pulse is a platform that allows managers and project leads to easily request regular, confidential feedback from their team members, empowering them to understand their team’s needs and take action. Viva Pulse focuses on checking in with your employees and staying more connected with your Team.  

It ensures that although we may not be physically working beside one another, we still have the opportunity to take a moment out of our day and see how one another feels.

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How you can harness Viva Pulse

Viva Pulse has numerous features that will surely benefit and strengthen your team dynamic.  

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Collect Real Time Feedback: In Viva Pulse, team members can send a survey request to other members – called a “pulse” for valuable ad-hoc feedback on specific topics related to your projects or team dynamics, such as sentiments on recent changes, employee wellbeing, or project progress. 

Promote Anonymity: The anonymity feature in Viva Pulse enables users to truthfully share their genuine thoughts. This benefits both employee and managers as the employees are ensured that they will not be penalized for their responses, and managers can receive honest feedback, which they can act on to make better decisions and adjustments for the long run, keeping everyone happy! 

Act on Feedback with Recommended Action: Viva Pulse not only delivers feedback, but also provides recommendations on how to put that feedback into action. These steps ensure that managers are well equipped to address team concerns effectively, and better foster a supportive and engaging work environment. 

Customize Survey Templates: While Viva Pulse provides default templates for surveys, users are free to tailor their own templates to fit the unique needs of their team, and can customize them to address any concerns or challenges a team may be facing. 

Why you should look forward to Viva Pulse?

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This increased level of support, care, and unity are exactly what the connected workplace of the future is all about. Being provided with the opportunity to make daily check-ins with your team a more casual, acceptable, and easy task is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Viva Pulse is now generally available, allowing you to experience the benefits firsthand. Quickly receive and act on feedback, get timely actionable analysis, and make recommended changes to address your team’s needs effectively. Learn more about Viva Pulse in our “The New Microsoft Viva Pulse Module and What It Has to Offer” blog, and prepare to utilize this tool to stay connected and responsive to your team’s pulse!

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