Leverage Power Virtual Agents to Automate Service and Save Time

Summer should be all about relaxing, spending some quality time with friends, and reconnecting with family, but striking a balance between organizational duties and summer fun is like walking a tightrope. Thanks to the advent of chatbots, you can have your cake and eat it too. Chatbots have come a long way in recent years, and their advancement is exponential with the help of artificial intelligence. Plus, thanks to Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (PVA), anyone — coders and non-coders alike — can easily create their own bots and automate tasks. One department known for handling a wide range of repetitive tasks is customer service, making it an ideal candidate for leveraging the power of PVA. Let’s dive into the customer service tasks that PVA can automate.  

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FAQs and Basic Inquiries  

One primary responsibility of customer service teams is addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) from customers. FAQs often follow a pattern, meaning PVA chatbots can excel at automating this process. By identifying common customer queries, predefined responses can be crafted and programmed into the Bot in PVA’s authoring canvas, enabling them to provide instant solutions. You can also train PVA bots to understand natural language and recognize various question formats, so they can adapt to different customers but still deliver consistent responses — just like a human customer service representative. This ensures that every customer receives prompt assistance, even in the summer when staffing is limited. PVA bots can also be programmed to provide additional resources to assist customers, like links to FAQs, knowledge bases, or relevant articles. This capability not only saves valuable time for both customer service representatives and customers alike but also empowers customers to find answers on their own, improving their satisfaction.  

A screenshot of Power Virtual Agents' authoring suite. Where coders and non-coders alike can customize the functionality of their bots, with the help of predicitive AI like GPT and Copilot.


Troubleshooting Technical Issues  

You can also use PVA bots to automate troubleshooting common technical problems that customers may face. Train your bot to ask targeted questions to diagnose the issue and provide relevant step-by-step instructions to resolve it. The bot can interpret many queries and provide personalized solutions through natural language-interpreting capabilities. Bots can also be programmed to provide additional resources like support articles and troubleshooting guides and direct a user to a human agent if the bot can’t solve a problem. By leveraging PVA bots to tackle these tasks, organizations can provide instant technical aid to any number of customers at a time, taking that massive weight off customer service workers’ shoulders. 


By-Phone Communication  

Some customers aren’t fans of texting and prefer to get assistance over a phone call. PVA has this covered with its telephony channel, which allows users to configure their bots to make and receive customer calls. For those who detest the typical monotone tone of voice bots, worry no more, as PVA lets users configure the bot’s voice font and speaking style, allowing organizations to craft a pleasing voice that mimics a human agent, enabling engaging conversations with customers.   


With PVA taking the helm, juggling organizational responsibilities with summer activities has become a thing of the past. Through automating tasks like answering FAQs, troubleshooting tech issues, and phone calls with customers, PVA’s bots handle the heavy lifting so customer service workers can savor the joys of summer without compromising support quality. So as the sun continues to shine and the days grow longer, let PVA be your right hand in automating customer service tasks. Unleash the power of chatbots and reclaim your time to experience the wonder of summer. With PVA on your side, walking that tightrope of leisure and work is a breeze, enabling you to indulge in the splendors of summer while providing excellent customer support. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is your summer ally, so leverage it to start living the summer of your dreams

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