A Present of Presence | Schedule Teams Messages & Protect Your Team’s Time

Bang! Something unexpected inspires you out of nowhere. You’ve got a brilliant idea that will save your company thousands of dollars. You’re proud. Your adrenaline runs through your veins like an avalanche coming down a mountain. But then you look at the clock. It’s 9:30 p.m. on a Wednesday—far too late to contact your team and tell them about your idea, so you decide to wait until morning. You count the minutes, envisioning the smile on everyone’s faces as you present your brilliant idea. But you wake up the next day, and Poof! Everything’s gone. Dust in the wind!   

Well, Christmas is coming early! Thanks to Teams’ new messaging schedule feature, you can share your thoughts and messages immediately— now Teams will do the waiting for you! 

Need to contact someone on your team who’s currently on vacation? Just schedule your messages for when they’re back in the office. This capability helps improve work-life balance and prevent users from disturbing their colleagues outside working hours.

In addition, you can use this feature during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions to compose a message beforehand and share it with your colleagues later in case you may not be in the office or don’t want to wait until the last minute. 

But how does it work? 

Open Microsoft Teams, enter a chat and right-click the send button. Then, you’ll be able to pick a date and time to schedule your messages, and set the scheduled send.

And that’s it! Your message will now be delivered at the indicated time. 

A quick recap 

Let inspiration strike! With the schedule-send feature, never again stress about forgetting your messages and ideas, contacting your team at an inconvenient time, or missing out on sending your team holiday wishes. Just schedule your message for later and munch on your holiday cookies while imagining your colleagues applauding your game-changing ideas.

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