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Modernize your digital workplace to ensure all of your business applications and processes are integrated with the latest technologies.

At Creospark, we provide a wide range of offerings that will help empower your employees to drive productivity and satisfaction, resulting in company growth and positive outcomes.

Whether it is collaboration, content management, migration, DevOps, or integration, our clients can take advantage of our experience in Cloud Services including Office 365, Azure, or Enterprise Mobility. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements to drive better user adoption and help you reach your cloud objectives.

It’s more than just implementing technological solutions: we give you the tools that add the most value to your business – lowering costs, increasing productivity, and automating processes.

Build Affordable, Useable Intranets

Turn your old, unused or broken intranet into a place for employees to connect, collaborate and increase productivity

  1. We deliver enterprise portals tailored to your specific business environment, working pace, collaboration style and corporate values
  2. Our objective is to leverage Office 365 capabilities and create a hub of information for your employees to stay productive in any location and on any device

Office 365 Managed Services
24/7 Support for your Employees Using Office 365

Fully managed cloud solutions that allow you to meet your business needs without the headache of knowing the technology and cloud infrastructure

  1. Get on-boarded to Office 365 with the assistance of our specialists to help you ease into the cloud migration with a seamless experience
  2. 24/7/365 technical support whether you are new to the cloud or you are already using Office 365. Our team of experts will manage and support your technical issues, upgrades, and enhancements you might have

Office 365 Subscriptions
Save by Purchasing Office 365 Through Creospark

Buy Office 365 through Creospark for less than you would pay through Microsoft, PLUS get access to great support, top experts and fast service

  1. Our subscriptions are offered on a monthly basis so if you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel with no strings attached
  2. We off a 30-day money back guarantee
  3. Once your subscription is up and running, you will be able to leverage our other services such as website hosting, virtual servers, online backup, security and SharePoint offerings
  4. Access to 24/7/365 technical support with the industries top experts
  5. Our experts will migrate your email system to Office 365 no matter what kind of email solution you have
Office 365 Subscription Pricing

Business Process Automation
Flow & PowerApps Migration Assessment

Migrate your business processes, forms, and applications to Microsoft Flow and PowerApps and adopt the most modern business process automation services within the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

  1. Solution for organizations who have built custom workflows in classic SharePoint Online, on-premises or other workflow designers
  2. Solution for organizations who have customized their lists using InfoPath, Designer or any other form builder tools

Integrate your SaaS Applications with Office 365

We specialize in the integration of business applications, database systems, and various cloud or on-premise services across your enterprise with your Office 365 platform

  1. Synchronize and store metadata and documents across Azure, Office 365 & SharePoint
  2. Kick-off automated business processes based on changing metadata in one technology within the other
  3. Migrate your documents, content, business processes and metadata across your on-premises and cloud-based SaaS and PaaS systems
  4. Create a security model in Office 365 that correlates with your source systems

Data Security
Office 365 & Azure Cybersecurity Service

Designed for your organization’s IT governance, information & identity security and compliance teams

  1. Training on important Office 365 & Azure security concepts
  2. Reviewing and supporting creation of your organization’s Cybersecurity policy
  3. Mapping your security requirements to the various services & technologies in Office 365 & Azure that can help you satisfy your policies
  4. Identifying any gaps in your existing policies and creating a strategic rollout plan for the implementation of the Office 365 & Azure security technologies

Office 365 End User & Power User Training

Office 365 End User Training: A 2-day onsite or online workshop designed to train on features for collaboration, teamwork and building basic applications in Office 365

  1. Understand & learn when to use which tools and services in Office 365 to increase your team’s effectiveness
  2. Learn the various mechanisms & services in Office 365 to manage your business processes
  3. Learn where in Office 365, it is best to maintain your documents and content
  4. Get a grasp on the enterprise social features embedded within the Office 365 platform

Office 365 Power User Training: A 3-day onsite or online workshop designed to train Office 365 Technical Specialists in your organization

  1. Empower Office 365 Advanced Users (Power Users) with a key set of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud services knowledge
  2. Receive Hands-on training on how to rapidly create Office 365 based applications without the need of a developer
  3. Get a grasp on the enterprise social features embedded within the Office 365 platform
  4. Understand when you need to involve a development resource to extend the Office 365 platform
  5. Learn when to use which tools and services in Office 365 by understanding your organization’s Inner and Outer loops and how to best communicate

Collaboration & Enterprise Content Services
Strategic Advice & Customized Solutions

Deployment of integrated solutions including Corporate Intranets, Extranets, Forms, and Document or Records Management Portals built within the Office 365, Azure & SharePoint platforms

  1. Strategic advice and customized solutions around Information Architecture, taxonomy implementation, migration and cloud solution development
  2. Help organizations migrate and adopt the cloud using Creospark’s Cloud Adoption Pack
  3. Support organizations experiencing tremendous growth in their volume of information through the creation of a records management system


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