Microsoft 365 Conference confirms we’re better together

Our combined team’s recent trip to Vegas for the Microsoft 365 Conference 2022 was a time for community, enlightenment, and celebration. The conference served as a reminder that Microsoft continues to be future-forward and innovative. As PixelMill’s Eric Overfield points out, “that’s where we need them to be. They are thinking ahead to where they believe technology and our needs will go.”

Getting a glimpse into where Microsoft is headed helps our team ensure we’re always building with the future in mind. “As we’re building today, we can see where they are headed and ensure we are aligned,” said Eric. That being said, Microsoft has been busy releasing some exciting new features and tools over the last six months, and they used the conference as an opportunity to showcase these releases.


Together Again

While the technology is certainly something to get excited about, one of the biggest takeaways from the conference was how wonderful it was to be together with the community again. Our team all agreed it felt great to be back in person.
“The face-to-face conversations, networking, and supporting the community and ourselves in a non-virtual way was desperately missed by everyone,” said 
Rez KhamisCreospark Co-founder.
“It was great to see the community reengaging. It was wonderful to see all the tables full again. The fact that the in-person event is returning was very encouraging to me.” – Eric  

Better Together

The conference also gave us a chance to celebrate some big news—our merger! We’re thrilled to bring our clients more experts, more options, more flexibility, and more opportunities.  

“The merger allows Creospark and PixelMill to bring extra credibility to everything both companies are already known for with respect to Microsoft 365 consulting. It allows us to expand geographies, increase the number of our expert consultants, and allow all of our combined clients to benefit from more wholistic Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Security, Device Management, and Azure cloud consulting services.” – Rez


“Clients get much greater technical depth and breadth of experience with the merger. The combined entity offers unparalleled expertise in both design and custom development as well as expertise in a variety of third-party solutions – but with the benefit of working with a small, relentlessly client-focused organization.” – Susan Hanley, Information Architect


“Coming together is a 1+1 = 3 situation, and to be able to celebrate that with the friends and family within the community, clients, partners, and Microsoft was a really special moment for all of us. It was great to see the enthusiasm from our friends and family and how well they supported us.” – Eric Overfield

Many thanks to those who celebrated us joining forces!

“At the heart of each organization are the incredibly talented teams led by three people I respect and admire. It’s a great opportunity to bring those great teams together to create something bigger than the sum of the parts. I think the merger brings more capacity to both firms, with opportunities to extend the business in unique and different ways. When you bring great people together to focus on solving complex problems, how could it not be better together!” – Susan Hanley 


“This merger ensures more expertise and resources that you can offer a larger group of mutual customers. 
Bringing a strategy for how data can drive your clients’ business success, with the opportunity to provide predictable costs and program expectations.” – Mike Jarvis, Vice President  UnlimitedViz Inc, the Makers of  TyGraph  

Let’s Get Together!

If you’re looking to connect with us and learn, join us in Seattle!
Our team will be at the upcoming 365EduCon conference in Seattle from May 9th – 13th.

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